Adobe Closes Taiwan Sales Office, Alarming Local Tech Observers

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Adobe announced today that it has closed its Taiwan sales office. A statement from Ng Yew Hwee, Adobe’s managing director of Greater China (oddly enough, it was posted in a JPEG, not a PDF) on Adobe’s Taiwan site states: “Upon careful and deliberate consideration of our business strategy in Asia-Pacific, Adobe has made the decision to reorganize our business in the Greater China region. As part of the reorganization, we are closing our Taiwan sales office with effect from 7 December 2012.”

Despite the closure, Adobe will continue to do business in Taiwan through local channel partners, supported by its Hong Kong sales office.

Adobe has gradually consolidated its Asia business; in October, the company named Craig Tegel vice president of Adobe Worldwide Field Operations and regional president of Adobe Japan and Asia Pacific operations as part of its bid to combine field teams throughout the region. Taiwanese tech observers…

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